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Phantastica’s Message

Fashion is not what everybody’s wearing at a particular time. Fashion is what each individual creates by themself. Fashion is what YOU like! We are not following norms or what’s trending now. We create what we love; something handmade, something special, something unique! Showing that everybody can wear everything with confidence and pride.
Phantastica is three years old now and we have grown as much as it has over these years. We are taking forward what we have learnt and developing our art further, filled with passion and dedication! Boom!

Nelli Hock

was born in Russia and raised in Germany by her musician family. Seeing her talents as a child, they promoted her creativity in theater, dance and singing from her earliest years. Her whole lifetime she was seeking a way to realize herself in art. She never thought that she would be doing that with fashion but this path found her and from the beginning she was passionate about it, building on it every year and creating something special which she’s able to spread into the world. Something non-commercial, unique and special. Her fashion is a reflection of her travels, contacts she has made all around the world and experiences in life.

The team

is located in a small village in India working with 15-20 people. We are growing which makes us very proud. We are guided by non-children work, and fair pay to make sure we take care of the workers’ families and they are able to send their children to school. Our small factory also educates young adults and enables women to break away from old-fashioned systems by working and living independently. We respect each other and it’s the most beautiful thing to see that our team loves to come to work not only for money but because they enjoy the atmosphere and appreciate what they’re learning and doing. We are a family!

Our Shop

is not stable in one place. It is as though we are traveling in Europe from festival to festival and market to market. Being close to our customers is one of the most important things for us. We are happy to let you try new outfits and see yourself in our unique pieces. We are open for everyone and welcome you to roam around or just come for a chat in our shop in the upcoming events. Come and visit us in our living room beautiful people!�Love

Looking Forward
to Hearing From You

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